Seville Orange Marmalade

Simply Awesome Orange Marmalade Image

Seville Orange Marmalade is a must for your toast at Breakfast, wouldn't you say? "Bitter oranges" originated in the northeast of India and neighbouring areas of China and Southeast Asia. During the first centuries of their empire, the Romans took a great interest in the fruit; however, as their domination of Europe ended, so did the cultivation of oranges. By this time, Arabs had established both themselves and the bitter orange in Spain.

The sharp, intense flavour of Seville Oranges are conquered with the sweetness of the sugar to produce a refreshingly clear jelly around shreds of bitter peel. Marmalade aside, the tart juice of the Seville orange can also be used to create tangy salad dressings and fabulous sauces to cut through the richness of meat and game. The classic French bigarade is a delicious example: a dark, port-enriched, orange-flavoured sauce that is traditionally served with roast duck and for which dessert oranges would prove far too sweet.

Serving suggestions: